Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Use

–         The use of our portal is only available for the capable users whom they can represent themselves legitimately as per the KSA’s prevailing laws and regulations.  Individuals that are not capable to legally represent themselves are not allowed to use the portal as per the local contracts law.

–         If you are underage (less than 18 years old) you still can use the portal services under parental control or legal custodian provided that such custodian/ parents are pledged to the use terms and conditions.

–         User may be responsible for the portal use outside of KSA and that is by adherence to that area’s local laws and regulations.

–         These terms and conditions are the only valid ones and supersedes any previous conditions, commercial representations, verbal agreements, or any other understandings unless otherwise mentioned for certain service or product.

–         In using the portal services, you will be committed to adhere to these terms and conditions.

Portal’s security

You are not allowed to violate or attempt to violate the portal’s security, and that shall include but not limited to, the following:

–         Accessing any information that are not assigned to you or accessing the internet server, or trying to access any third party’s account without an official consent.

–         Attempt to explore or test the system’s security levels and trying to hack the security system or its associated security layers without an official consent.

–         Attempt to disrupt the system or interfere with the services provided to third parties or network host, and that shall include and not limited to, spreading viruses on the portal, or overloading it with heavy emails and spams in any mean of communication that might hinder the network.

–         Sending any spam messages that might contained commercial advertisements for products or services.

–         Stimulate aiming to forge an internet protocol or email address or any part of website and use such in email communications or email group.  These violations are hindering the system or the security will result into civil and criminal penalties in most cases.

You should agree not to use the system resources of the hardware or software or any way to confuse or interfering or attempting to interfere with the functioning of the Website or any other activity or service provided by the site. The Website will investigate for any such activities that may involve in such violations and will be cooperating with the competent judicial authorities to prosecute and apply the necessary punishment on the person or persons involved in such violations.